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Developped within Element Blue laboratory, all product series are based on over 10 years of research and integration of advanced composite materials in the fields of mechanical & aerospace engineering. Each fin of the Orca collection is inspected and each pair has its own unique serial number.


• Flexibility: Made of 100% ultralight carbon, the fins carbon blades have high-strength flexibility forming optimal parabolic curve under water with streamlined elasticity.


• Durability: Element Blue pure carbon fiber blade structure and CAD models have been tested by the Mechanical & Aerospace engineering research lab of a world top 50 university. The blades can withstand 50,000 swings while maintaining the best performance of carbon fiber.


• Fin tip design: The design of the fin tip is inspired by killer whales’ flukes, the fastest swimming mammal on earth. Element Blue’s exclusive original design.


• Water rails: Element Blue patented design water rails are numerically optimized for improved hydrodynamic performance, generating an additional 15% power increase at kick release. The high grade 99.9% pure silicon guaranties flexibility, strength and great motion control during dives. Protected by a special anti UV coating, water railing are designed to maintain durability and strong colors over time under water.


•Surface finish: The Orca series surface finish protects the blade artworks and its hydrodynamic stream line design from scratches and surface damages ensuring a prolonged life.


• Foot pocket: The Orca series uses the Italian C4 300Line foot pockets, made of a soft and light polymer, weighing only 300g. In combination with the 30° Orca series designed angle, it forms a 33° fin, allowing the body to maintain a streamlined shape during freefall, reducing water resistance for higher performance.


• Removable design / Compatibility: The compatible C4 300 foot pockets can simply be disassembled from the blade, making it more convenient during travels. Orca carbon blades are compatible with (not limited to) footpockets Pathos, Mares.


Customization design service

Orca collection offers customized design service. Blade colors and artwork can be custom designed, in combination with existing Element Blue water rails, for orders of 25 pairs and above. Extra fee to be considered.

• Water rails colors: white / gold / sakura pink / magenta / black

• Logo color: customized upon request

Orca Gold Pure Carbon Fins

  • Product model: Orca
    Blade material: 100% pure carbon
    Blade length after angle: 750mm
    Blade width: 200mm
    Blade angle: 30 °
    Water rails material: 99.9% pure silicon protected by a long-life anti UV coating.
    Blade softness: soft / medium / hard
    Fin color: white / gold / sakura pink / magenta
    Foot pocket: C4 300Line (not included)

  • Element Blue Orca Carbon Blades are covered by a 2 years warranty. 
    Warranty conditions available in the customer service section. 

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